Tips for trips

The objectives of walks:

Zvicina, Giant prospect – views of the Giant mountains, the basin, Even on Chlumy and more.


The objectives of trips:

Zvicina – 9 km

Zvicina is a hill in the cadastral territory of the municipality of Třebihošť in Trutnov district. Represents the highest Hill Zvičinsko-kocléřovského Ridge, a child of the giant mountains foothills. The top Zvicina lies at an altitude of 671 metres, approximately 0.5 miles to the East of the village of Zvicina. At the top is the Baroque church of St. Jan Nepomucký from the year 1706, Raisova chalet with views and two masts of radio communications. Under favorable snow conditions, ski lifts are in operation. Zvicina and its surroundings offers views to the Czech Krkonoše foothills on the Whiteboard, and the giant mountains. To Zvicina is also a ski resort with a long tradition.

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Dvůr Králové nad Labem – Zoo Safari – 16 km

Zoo is significantly involved in the rescue of endangered species of animals threatened with extinction. Its visitors provides lessons and relax in presence of the animals. Known for its ZOO Safari is an attractive goal for all-day family trips. In addition, the zoo is an important place of zoological research.

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Kumburk castle – ruins of the Castle – 18 km

Castle was built at the beginning of the 14th. century basalt Suk as the administrative centre of the Manor. In 1658 he was the Emperor’s orders pulled down and destroyed. Currently own Castle Village Syřenov and its administration is carried out by the Association for the preservation of the Castle Kumburk. Since 2004, the Castle regularly held events Kumburské dawn, aimed at reviving the castle ruins. Visitors can watch demonstrations during the historical fencing, arms and weapons, puppet theatre and folk crafts. In this one day of the year to charge admission. Proceeds from the event are used to save the Castle.

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Hostinne – 19 km

The historic town at the foot of the giant mountains, the urban heritage zone with well-preserved Renaissance and Baroque square lined with arcades. The square is dominated by the Renaissance town hall with the characters of two of the giants of a height of 4.8 m. among other sights include the Baroque plague column Hostinné, built in 1678 as a defence of the city against the plague disease, Church of the Holy Trinity, a Renaissance man of the year 1525 and a Franciscan monastery from the year 2012 open to the public. The resort has become a cultural and social centre of the region. There is a Museum, library, facilities for after-school activities associations and non-profit organizations, art schools, etc. The monastery church with its two-Bay nave is very unique. Today in its premises located in the Gallery of the ancient art with a collection of plaster casts of Antique sculptures. The historic core of the city is the timezone.

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Hospital Kuks – a Chateau and Nativity Scene

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Lázně Velichovky


Špindlerův Mlýn


Hořice v Podkrkonoší


Český ráj

Attractions in the surroundings

Nová Paka – automuseum, Treasury, brewery 8 km
Jičín – water park, lookout tower, Prachov rocks 23 km
Spa Bělohrad
Jewelery of precious stones in Nová Paka